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  What is business coaching?

Fees and other conditions

There is no charge for an exploratory one-hour meeting during which a prospective client can find
out more about coaching before deciding if they want to go ahead or not.

It is important that both parties should feel comfortable working together.

Clients would be expected to sign up for a minimum of three coaching sessions (usually one per month). Face-to-face coaching is preferable but telephone coaching is available if requested.

It is possible to extend the coaching contract for longer than three sessions. The first session would last for 2 hours in order to establish what the client would like to achieve from the coaching relationship.

Subsequent sessions would last for 1.5 hours each. Reasonable telephone and email support is provided between sessions.

Fees are negotiable depending on the duration of the contract. Expenses incurred in travelling to and from sessions are also negotiable, depending on where the sessions take place.

Location and timings of sessions
The location of sessions is flexible, depending on the client's preference.
It is expected that sessions will take place during normal business hours, Monday to Friday.
These details would be clarified during the one-hour exploratory meeting.

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