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R&D Manager. Manufacturing and service industry, Swindon
“Sara has been fundamental in helping me with difficulties faced during a recent promotion, enabling me to identify areas of self-development and focus on priorities to meet both the business needs and my personal objectives. Even after recently completing an MBA, which was very focussed on self-development, nothing prepared me for the reality encountered when taking up a more challenging and professional role. With the coaching provided by Sara, in just three months I have been able to overcome personal barriers and tackle difficult staff and business situations. Feedback and recognition of this has been provided by senior colleagues which makes it furthermore rewarding.

Although there were initial reservations of how coaching from somebody outside of the organisation and industry would really help me, working with Sara has instilled a new level of confidence, determination and self-belief. I would recommend Sara to anyone considering coaching, regardless of the requirements. There is no need for career progression or self-development to be a lonely experience.”

Head of HR Shared Services. Financial services company, Gloucester
 “Having reached a point in my career where I felt my job role was failing to meet my personal and professional needs I decided to leave my employer where I had enjoyed a successful and progressive career for over five years.  With a range of options available to me both personally and professionally I felt I needed some independent support to guide me through the decision making process.

The approach Sara took was structured, methodical and supportive.  Sara challenged my views and coached me to assess all options against some personal values which she had encouraged me to define at the start of the process.  The net result of these activities was my ability to find a job role and employer that has managed to exceed my personal values and professional aspirations”.

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